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"Absolutely one of the best programs! My children enjoy it so much, as do I. Miss Mary is so engaging you can't help but dance and sing along with her. We look forward to every session!" Aisha, mom of two 


"Mary is such a fun teacher! My kids are often cautious and reserved, but they opened up to Mary right away. It must be her accent and charming personality.  I'm not talented musically, but Music Class is fun for us all! I'm so glad we did it!" T. mom to two formally reserved children

"Mary is absolutely outstanding. We are so lucky to have her teaching Music Together® to our children!! It's perfect for our kids and we love having the music to listen to and sing along anywhere. This is really a great opportunity to let your children be children, and enjoy them to the fullest !" Niki, mom of 2 boys


"My child loves Mary's classes and seeing her each week is a joy. I have learned new songs, dances, and instruments for my child through Music Together. Mary is an amazing teacher, woman, and her love of children and music is inspiring." Marie, mom of 2 wee ones