FAQs and Policies


Can I bring food, drink, lovies or toys into class?
We ask our families to please leave your food and drink at home or to have it outside of the classroom. We are an active classroom and spills would be unavoidable. This does not apply for infants. Please feel free to nurse or bottle feed your baby in the classroom if you feel comfortable! Please leave all special toys and lovies at home. It is so hard to share those things in class. If a child needs an instrument at the start of class to distract them just let me know and I'll be prepared.

Families may, on special occasions, bring a guest with them to class with prior permission from the teacher.  Please call to make sure there is space available in the class ahead of time. We love having visiting Grandparents and other family come to make music with us!

Health Policy

The health of all classroom participants is important to us, so we take measures to ensure the cleanliness of our classroom and limit exposure to germs. We take time to sanitize our classroom space, instruments, and materials after each class with a child-safe cleaning solution. If you or your child is sick, please stay home from class and schedule a make-up.


We are sick! What can we do? / Make-up Classes
Life happens! We get sick; classes are missed. Feel free to join another class to make up that lost time, just call me first to make sure there is room. Coming to 2 classes in one week can be a special surprise for your child. Make-up classes are offered on a space available basis and must be taken within the current ten week session. Between every Music Together® session there are demonstration classes for and space may be available there too. Make-ups may not be carried over to the next semester. To schedule one, please email Aisha at Calebaisha@hotmail.com

Talking in Class
Our children have all day every day to hear us talk. But they just have this 45 minutes to hear us sing! Please, come early to connect with your friends in class and reserve the class time for singing. The class environment which will most benefit your child musically is one where they are immersed in the music without distractions.

My child just sits there / can't stop moving / doesn't play with the instruments "correctly". What am I doing wrong?
Nothing! Music Together classes understand that every child's reaction to music and class time is different. Some children sit and take it all in, other can't stop roaming around the room. This doesn't mean they aren't taking it all in. In fact, I've often heard of children who suddenly start singing songs in the bathtub/for Daddy/in their bedroom after the parent has worried about their involvement. Children learn in many different ways and part of the uniqueness of Music Together is that we allow that. If you have a 'mover', let them move! As long as they are moving in a safe way we don't want to limit their experience with music. If you have a 'sitter' don't try to move their limbs for them and have them participate like everyone else. They are processing everything they see and when they are ready to translate that into movement, they will!

1) No running in the classroom.
It is perfectly fine if your child decides to move around during class, and in fact may be a natural part of their learning process to do so. However, we ask that they use their “walking feet” and not run. This might be something we have to work on, so don't worry if it is a work in progress during the session.
2) No throwing.
Children have many opportunities to explore instruments in our classes. We ask you to help us see that they are treated gently and never to throw them in the air.
3) No rough-housing.
Music Together is about family music. And in a family we are not all the same age or the same size. We ask that everyone treat each other gently and to be especially respectful of the little ones in our classes.


Cell Phones
Please refrain from the use of cell phones during class. We understand that some parents may need to keep their phones with them in case of serious circumstances. However, if this is the case, please set your phone on VIBRATE, silence the ringer, and if you absolutely MUST take a call, please take it outside the classroom.

Cameras and videos
As the teacher I have a good idea of which songs are good photo opportunities and can definitely help you. Also I am happy to help you 'stage' something after class if you'd prefer. Sharing your child's musical journey with others is so much fun! Please talk to Mary before class if you would like to take a photograph and / or video your child as it is almost impossible to avoid capturing other children in your media. People often have very different ideas about media and privacy and I would like to respect everyone's comfort level on this.

A full refund will be given if you withdraw before the first day of the semester.  Like most programs, we cannot normally refund or give credit for classes missed during the semester, even if absences have been frequent. Nonetheless, at the discretion of the director, partial credit may be provided towards future classes in cases of prolonged absence due to severe illness, or other unusual circumstances.

Make-up Classes

If you miss your regularly scheduled Music Together class for any reason, you may schedule a make-up class. Unlimited make-up classes are allowed each semester for each registered child, on a space-available basis. They must be taken during the current semester and cannot be "carried over." You may schedule your make-up as soon as you know you are going to miss a class. We often see an end-of-semester rush, so try to schedule your make-ups as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Class Cancellations

Holiday closures will be announced at the beginning of each semester. Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather, teacher illness, and for other extraordinary circumstances.  We will also send out a mass e-blast.  Should your class be cancelled because of teacher illness or for some other extraordinary circumstances, you will be notified by phone. Cancelled classes will be made up at the end of the session.